Gulliver’s World, Warrington

I woke up yesterday to the sound of the rain lashing against our bedroom window and thought about our day out we had planned to Gulliver’s World.  All the weather reports and apps told us the afternoon was going to get better, which it did.  And thanks to the traffic we didn’t get there until mid-day anyway.  {I promise not to mention traffic here again…}

A big high five to Alf for growing those few inches since the last time we went to a theme park, as yesterday we were all able to go on the bigger rides together.  It must be all those Weetabix Nain and Taid keep feeding him ;)

I think we all had a different favourite ride but highlights were The Joker, the Rio Grande Train Ride was a hit with Alf,  The Antelope Wooden Roller Coaster made us all a bit nervous for obvious reasons, The Pirates Cove was another good one but don’t even mention the Wild Mine Ride…the worst 90 seconds of my life!  Robb had been begging Alf to sit with him on all the rides, but Alf wanted to sit with Paul on them all…until this one.  They sat together in the front and us behind them.  After the first corner, Robb turned round and shouted ”Wow!  I thought I was going to fall out then!”, cue me grabbing Alfie’s hood and thinking ”This is it.  Today’s the day.  We’re all going to get flung out of this bloody mine ride”.  It wasn’t a fast ride, or one that went upside down etc.  it just took the corners way too fast and flung you about…like I said, worst 90 seconds of my life.  Needless to say, we didn’t go on that ride again.  The Nerf Zone was a big hit with the bois.  Two arenas, different guns and all the bullets you needed, what more does a nerf-gun-mad-child need?  Parents that will run around like loons with them, that’s what!


^^ Alf ”He’s not going to pee on me, is he?!” ^^

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