{A to Z} A is for Alfie

2354 (Medium)

A is for Alfie.  My baby boy.  With a few more freckles on his nose this year.  Still wearing his favourite tops…even if they are a bit short on the sleeves.  My Alf and his bedtime cuddles.  The way he begs for cuddles every night.  Although, I’m not sure why he feels he needs to beg as I am there straight away.  The way he runs his hands through my hair while we lie there {another pro when it comes to growing your hair!}.  The 101 questions about anything and everything just so I stay there that little longer.  Our football mad Lowe who went and scored two goals this evening and can’t wait for the next game.  Alfie, who had the dentist in giggles this morning and then let me leave the surgery with the sticker he had been given stuck to my back.  Alfie, the joker.  Alfie, who hangs on to every word his dad tells him.  Paul told him the bullet in this photo was still alive, so Alf carried it around very carefully for the rest of the day.  A is for Alfie, the baby of our family who turns 8 {eight!} this month!  Eight years and I can still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  And he has probably eaten enough yoghurts to feed someone three times his age!  Alf, who is at his happiest kicking a ball with his mates, Owen and Ilan, on the front lawn.  And not forgetting Taid, who can’t pass without being dragged into the match that is taking place.  Alfie Lowe, the best A out there.

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