{read} The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone

Robb Reading

This is how I find Robb most evenings.  I say most evenings, because there is the odd night where I find him watching some discovery programme on his tablet.  Anyway, finding him with a book in his hands is a recipe for a very happy Mam.  Followed by a chat all snuggled up in his bed about whatever book he is currently reading, I go to sleep a very happy Mam and dream about rainbows and peanut butter cookies.  {Not really, my dreams are currently about me tightrope walking on the tallest buildings in New York City…what’sthatallabout?!…}.

Anyway, back to Robb and his reading and less about my weird dreams!  He was recently sent ‘The Dreamsnatcher’ by Abi Elphinstone to review.  And if books are reviewed by how quickly they are read, then this must have been a corker!  Within a week of receiving it, he’d read it.

The Dream Snatcher

Over to you Robb;

“It’s about a girl named Moll who is being haunted by these people called The Dreamsnatchers and she has a wild cat called Gryff, who has been tamed.  Moll is being hunted down by the Dreamsnatchers and they want to try and kill her.  Her Mum and Dad were the guardians of the Oracle Bones, which are special bones of Deer etc that used to live in the forest.  If they kill Moll, they then get to keep the Oracle bones.  She has to go on a Quest to try and find out who her Mam and Dad were and also find the Oracle Bones.” 

At this point I told Robb to tell the story and the ending, to which he replied “I don’t want to spoil the ending!”  :)

“My favourite part in the book is when the Dreamsnatchers and the Tribesmen had a huge fight.  All the Tribesmen were hiding up in the trees protecting Moll and the Dreamsnatchers came into the camp and started burning everything down. 

I would definitely recommend this book to boys and girls, but aged 9 and over as you need to be able to understand the story.

The last chapter reads like there’s another book to follow, which I will definitely be reading!

The book is full of magic, ancient woodlands and Moll getting captured by the Dreamsnatchers a lot…and if I had to give it a mark out of ten, it would be TEN!”

Diolch Robb!

{serious face : we were kindly sent this book to review, thanks to those involved.  All thoughts and words are my own…or Robb’s actually.  And those weird dreams I keep having are all mine…}

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