Annwyl Bois Bach…



Robb | …and just like that, by putting on a pair of glasses, I see a glimpse of the teenager that is soon to arrive at ours.


Alfie | So much more confident in the village Summer League than anywhere else!…even if your shorts are way too big and back to front.

{Insert all the eye heart emoji’s here.  Every.  Single.  One.}

Bois Bach, your Dad and I were just saying yesterday how excited we are to see what you decide to do with your lives and the young men you will become.  I read somewhere this week that you only get 18 summers with your children.  Let’s make this one a good one.

Bois Bach, de chi werth y byd a mwy.


Living Arrows Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

10 thoughts on “Annwyl Bois Bach…

  1. So beautiful and you’ve made me well up (what a softie) about the 18 summers; just tonight I looked at my eldest Oliver, 5 when I tucked him into bed, and got a glimpse of him as a teenager, he was born with a mature face, if that makes sense and is such an old soul- my boys are growing up too quickly and are my life, love this post, your gorgeous boys, and words, you my dear are a breath of fresh air xx

    1. Aah, thanks lovely! A friend of mine used to say about Robb when he was younger, “He’s been here before, he has!”, when i’d tell her something he’d said or done…similar to Oliver, a bit of an old soul xxx

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