It Feels Good #3


…because sometimes, something really sad happens and makes us thankful for all the simple things in life.

So.  Life.  It feels good; it’s the first coffee in the morning.  It’s the hand on your leg while he’s driving, no words needed.  It’s throwing a rugby ball with the bois.  It’s a glass of wine with family and friends while the sun goes down.  It’s the odd coco pop stuck to a top lip after breakfast.  It’s the morning struggles with a cow’s lick.  It’s driving tests and scans.  It’s Under 9’s football, not wanting it to end…unless it’s raining, of course.  It’s arranging minion outfits.  It’s builders knocking through to the extension and doing a little jig in the new bedroom when no one’s looking.  It’s cap’s to the side and all the swsus.  All of them.

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