{a to z} B is for…

b is for blodau

B is for a lot of things.  B is for blodau, pictured.  Flowers in welsh to those of you wouldn’t know this.  B is for Blogging, a hobby of mine which I love doing and am quite proud of at times.  I often get asked ”What exactly is a blog?” {by my Mam and Dad…} and I’ve decided it can be whatever it is you want it to be.  I am done with all the ”do this to make your blog better” and ”do this to get more readers”...blah, blah, blah.  And then I get asked ”Why?”…why not?!  It’s brought me a lot of pleasure and it’s somewhere I can store all these days that I never want to forget.  It’s B is for Bois Bach, one of my fave B’s obviously.  B is for Birthdays {a close second fave}, and we have three to celebrate over a number of days; Dad, Paul’s and Alf’s.  And then there’s Father’s Day thrown in the middle too!  Spoilt.  B is for books, I’ve always got a book on the go.  Actually, I’ve got 3 on the go at the minute… B is for Bubbles and Bubblegum.  Blowing Bubbles with Bubblegum is something Robb still hasn’t mastered…and something that kind of makes me feel like as a mother, I have failed him with this  ;)  B is for Balls.  Football’s to be precise.  These balls feature a lot around here.  {get your dirty minds out of the gutter!}.  B is for Biscuits.  It turns out, there’s only me going to be in the office from now on…the first thing I did to get the office in some sort of order?  I sorted out a Biscuit Tin…you know, priorities.  ;)

B is for Bywyd {life}...and it’s there for the taking.  Have a great weekend xx

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