Pump o’r Penwythnos // {five from the weekend}

Un – There’s something to be said about that first coffee on a Saturday morning.  In bed.  With the dog.  Baking is another way I like to de-stress.  I might not always eat it {very rare, though} but the feeling I get when I put down the bowl of icing and hand the mixers to the bois to lick clean, is always a good one.


Dau – It was the village Carnival this weekend.  Never before have I had to explain what I was so many times…a mousetrap, obviously ;)  We always look forward to the Llandrillo Carnival – it’s always a great opportunity to dress up {I WAS A MOUSETRAP!}  and get involved with the whole community.  A highlight for me this year was the tarot card reading – LOVED IT!

Llandrillo Carnival is always the one time of the year where we eat coconuts, too…but this was a very tasty one as Alfie knocked it off the post himself!

Tri – A 40th Birthday BBQ.  Good friends, wine, a gorgeous 40th birthday outfit…{which is slowly doing the rounds} and a good burger {not forgetting those pesky midgies…}, what more do you need?!…

Pedwar – Baby fingers and thighs like these!  That’s E X A CT L Y what everyone needs and should have at some point during the day.  Everyday.

…and leaving the best til last, something I read over the weekend…

Pump – “If nothing else, be kind.  Radiate positivity; this world could use it.” – Unknown.

No other words from me needed.  It says it all.

Here’s to another week. x

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