Being Mam

Robb July

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Because if there’s one thing we are good at at the Lowe Household, it’s big hair apparently!  Alfie will ask me to do his hair, spend a couple of minutes in front of the mirror checking it out and then let me know if it needs doing again or not.  Because I’ve got nothing else to do in the morning’s…

“Can you please take my comb out from inbetween your bum cheeks?!”…really, I did have to say that.  Ten points if you can guess who I said that to.  And no, it wasn’t Paul.

#nationalkissingday – click the link.

Waiting over an hour for a bus…because if there’s any bus Robb is going to be on, it’s the one which got diverted because of a traffic accident.

“Mam, I love you to the moon and back.  Then to Africa.  Then to Llandrillo and then to Tesco’s”.  Cute.


All the hot chocolate and slouchy socks dates Alf could squeeze in with being the only child for a couple of days.

Not forgetting all the “I’ve got a tummy ache” moments for exactly the same reason resulting in him sharing a bed with us.  I’ve got your number, Alf ;)

Wondering if Robb will text and then realising he hasn’t bothered taking his mobile with him.  I was ready to hear his voice, squeeze him and make him some pancakes after two days…but the stench from his trainers?  Not so much.

CANT O GWYNEBAU HAPUS!  One hundred happy faces in school = A certificate = Alf and a huge grin on his cheeky face.  Da iawn, bach xx

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