{captured}  Pembrokeshire…according to my iPhone 

Who needs a week in the South of France when it’s as nice as this in Wales?!*

And just like that our 2015 Summer Holiday is done.  And what a week it was.  We managed a dip in the sea, a couple of Castle visits, swimming, days out, a great walk along the Marloes coastline and one whole day of doing absolutely nothing but watching the Tour de France on the tv and doing the same jigsaw over and over.  When Alf finds something he loves doing, there’s no getting away from it.  Before he’d even finished it for the 4th time, he was looking at me with those big, blue eyes and that smile that helps him get away with a lot of things, saying “We’re doing it again once we’ve finished, ok Mam?”.

Here are a few more pics I got on my phone:


Blue Lagoon // St David’s Castle // Most evenings were this clear // Tenby Beach

“You can’t see our faces” I said.  “Not a bad thing” he said ;)  //  Tenby //  It’s.  So.  Flat.  // Perffaith

Robb just had to go and “sit” on that sofa // Fishguard harbour //  Sunset  //  Cardigan Church

We had a great walk, or “adventure” if you’re Alfie, along the Marloes coastline one afternoon. Followed by a quick dip of our toes in the sea and then finished off with a glass of wine sat outside with my ‘holiday read’, which is a corker of a book.

Lazy afternoons // My happy place, I’m sure of it  //  Lazy Evenings  //  The Big Wheel at Folly Farm

More Tenby beach  // Dale…miserable but still pretty  //  Alf’s face!  //  Tenby…again

Fishguard Harbour  //  Marloes  //  Dale…sshh!  Pretend this isn’t in here twice!  #bloggerfail  //  Blue Lagoon, Abereiddi Beach

A great week finished off by a Last Supper to finish off all of the Last Supper’s, cooked by the bois bach themselves; chicken goujons followed by a bowl of custard.  It’s the stuff of dreams people, and with these three of mine, it’s the best.

It seems like a long stint for the Bois now til they got back to school, so luckily for them {and us}, we’ve still got all Summer with more plans and more memories to make.


*Me, that’s who.  I’d still very much like a week in the South of France, Diolch yn fawr iawn ;)

{This blog post is also my entry to the Holiday Heaven or Holiday Hell Competition,  and obviously mine is all about the Holiday Heaven!  Cross everything for me, won’t you?!  Diolch!}

5 thoughts on “{captured}  Pembrokeshire…according to my iPhone 

  1. Gosh these are absolutely stunning shots, you would NEVER think they came from an iPhone. What a talented lady you are. That one of the grass with the sunshine in the back ground is just beautiful. We went to Pembrokeshire last year and loved it! x

    1. Thanks lovely! I took about a million photos on the camera too…but there’s something about these phones, vsco cam and instagram etc etc these days, isn’t there?!

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