{Balanced} 8 ways I’ve taken time out for myself this week


I wrote about being more ‘Balanced’ right back at the start of the year; how I was going to make more time for me.  Not Robb.  Not Alf.  Not Paul.  Not even poor Rolly.  Just me.  Everyday, I take time out {varying between ten minutes to a couple of hours}, where I will do something just for me.  This week I have;

:: Watched The Hangover, that film never fails to make me laugh.  Also a good way of sorting Monday’s out.

:: I went running in the rain.  Twice.  Exercise, Therapy and A Shower…all at the same time *

:: Caught up with my favourite blogs with a glass of wine one evening.  my name is yeh is a new favourite as well as rock my style.

:: I sat outside {in other words, alone so that the bois couldn’t see what I was eating before tea!…} and ate a very retro milkshake ice lolly.  And bloody enjoyed it.

:: Gave Headspace another go…determined to get to Session 10.

:: Pressed snooze for half an hour instead of getting up early to do the ironing {what was I thinking?!  Who gets up early to do that shit stuff?! } Let’s be honest, ironing or sleeping?…it’s a no-brainer.

:: Caught up with my sister over a few glasses of red wine.  Our only way of catching up ;)

:: Had lunch out…we don’t have an answer machine in the office for nothing you know.

BONUS!  Just got home to an E M P T Y house!  Best get that book out before they come hurtling in through that front door! 

*{Sure helped too.  Did you know Sure has created the world’s first antiperspirant containing breakthrough Motionsense™ technology that is activated directly by movement?!  Me neither, but they have and it seems to work!} 

(Serious face : I was sent some Sure samples to try out.  All words and thoughts are my own…and my sweet smelling armpits ;) 

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