When you’re slowly turning into your Mam…and a ‘what’s in my bag’ type of post.


“I swear it was only yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital”…every time I say that {there have been far too many times in the last 12 {neeeeeearly 13} years}, I always think “God, I sounded just like my Mam”. 

And then I realised I’m sloooowly turning into my Mam.  It was only the other day when I licked my thumb and wiped something {probably snot…and a bit of chocolate milk} off Alfie’s face.  Mam did this to me.  Snot and milk included ;)  But, I think every Mam has done this…whether they wanted to or not.  Alfie’s 8!  Which then lead me to thinking I’m obviously still doing too much for my bois.  Yep, Mam did that too.  Paul has said “Your Mam has spoilt you!” a few too many times.   My bag has slowly grown in size…and along with that, the amount of crap that I carry has grown too.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve looked for something this past week and muttered to myself “I know it’s in here somewhere!”…and then realised what’s happening.  It’s not quite the ‘workout’ that Mam’s bag is to carry at the moment, but it’s getting there.  She should have one arm way bigger than the other, the weight in that thing!

To prove it, here’s a few bits I found in the bottom of my bag just now;

:: Empty glasses case.  E M P T Y.

:: Receipts, lots of them.  

::  Llandrillo Annual Gardening Show Flyer…I know, but every year I dream of winning with my Victoria sponge.  And, more evidence that I’m turning into my Mam. 

:: A Wedding Card

:: A feather 

:: Mascara…lots of them.

:: Alf’s passport photo

:: A pair of children’s socks with holes in them.

:: A boiled sweet

:: A tissue…and not a clean one.

:: Hair clips…just in time actually, as I would have been looking for a few this weekend.

:: Motion Sickness Tablets.

:: Way too many empty chocolate wrappers that I need reminding of.

So, go on, have a fish around your handbag now and let me know what you find in there! 

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