{they said it would be easy} The Messy 4 Braid Updo

Hair 1

You know there’s a wedding coming up when you find yourself on Pinterest looking for a hairstyle to try out.  {Or those recipes with Coconut Water…but that’s another story*}.  Anyway, there are soo many tutorials on there and so many of them are all ‘quick fixes’ i.e. ‘quick hairstyle when you’ve only got 5 minutes’ etc.

The other morning, it was as if Pinterest knew!  Everyone else still in bed {very jealous}, no one demanding a hot chocolate {very nice change} or 3 cereals all in one bowl {gets that from his dad} etc.  So I decided to try one of the said tutorials out, the messy 4 braid updo.

Hair 3

It was easy AND it was done in minutes too!  I like how it’s all messy yet still looks good…and more to the point OUT OF MY FACE at work.  {I promise you there are some braids in there, too!} .  Also, that’s hair that’s on it’s 5th day without a wash…I’m loving this once a week wash business!  I’m thinking of giving shampoo a miss altogether after seeing this.  Anyone else tried it or thinking of trying it?!  I nearly washed my hair with an egg last night…but had a glass of wine instead, so that’s how serious I’m taking it ;)

Right, there’s a train with my name on it heading to Bristol…see you on the other side!

*Because it’s achufi by itself!

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