{captured} that time I burst my #eisteddfod cherry…and some thoughts on it.


I don’t really like admitting this, but in all of my 34 years on this planet, I, Cerys Lowe, have never been to the National Eisteddfod; Wales’ largest and oldest cultural festivals.  Siomedig Iawn.

The Eisteddfod is one of the world’s greatest cultural festivals, and brings together people from all ages and backgrounds to enjoy an eclectic mix of music, literature, dance, theatre, visual arts and much more.”

After watching some of it on S4C and hearing it on the radio, I decided we were going and wanted to see for ourselves, what all the fuss was about {spoiler alert: we get it now}.  In my excitement, I tweeted about it.  The following morning, whilst taking delivery of our fruit at work, the delivery man asked how my day was at the eisteddfod.  Puzzled, I looked at him and said “I haven’t been yet, I’m going on Friday.  How do you know about that?” because I didn’t think he followed me on twitter…or even knows what twitter is to be fair.  “Oh, I heard you were going on the radio.  They said you were very excited!”.  Radio Cymru must have read my tweet out…

Day.  Made.  It’s the small things. 

Said delivery man has been in since and has asked me all about it again.  He’s lovely!

Anyway, the eisteddfod.  Here’s some photos:




#syched – tell me about it.  Next time, I’m camping and not driving ;)


There was so much of the eisteddfod that we didn’t get to see or do.  I’d definitely recommend at least 2 days there to make sure you get to experience it all.  Dad and I were hoping to get into the Babell Len, the Theatr and not forgetting the Tent Pinc!  Unfortunately, we didn’t…but then the bois had soo much fun in the Gwyddoniaeth {Science} and Dance areas etc,  and all of the other free activities, I repeat, FREE activities, going on that it didn’t matter.  It’s just made me want to go next year even more. We queued for a while to get into the Tent Pinc, only to realise we were queuing to go and hear the judging…so we decided, seeing as we hadn’t seen what they were judging, there wasn’t much point.  One day, I’ll get in that tent!

Speaking of those free activities, here’s a few of them:


…the face on tha’… ;)


“I see you baby…shakin’ that arse…shakin’ that arse…”

Also, there was only one jumper Alf was going to choose at the cowbois stand, wasn’t there?!


There was rugby training and biking amongst other things at one area.


Friday, 7th August 2015 – the day Alf discovered his love for table tennis…and stuck his tongue out with EVERY shot.



On the left; Ty Gwerin – An attractive yurt, with all kinds of folk based events.  AND where we saw Dafydd Iwan singing, a highlight for me was when he sung ‘Ar Lan y Mor’…bloody great.

On the right; Alfie Lowe – an attractive 8 year old who isn’t safe to be around when he’s got some of that party string with him.


Y Lle Celf had some quirky art going on by local artists.



Dad: “Brysia Robb!  Dwi ddim yn aros fel hyn am rhy hir!” // “Hurry up, Robb!  I’m not staying like this for too long!”  Gotta love him…and get me some heart shaped shades while we’re at it.

standard eisteddfod

#standard steddfod photo!


Caffi Maes B – A chilled and relaxed atmosphere for a heady mix of acoustic music and music-based events.  I could have sat here with a drink all afternoon.  Next year, this is where you will find me.  Well, between here and the main stage.


 Did we enjoy it?  Yes.

Was there plenty to do?  Oh yes.

Did the sun shine all day?  Yes!

Will we go again?  We’ll see you at Abergavenny!  I’ve already eyed up the trains ;) 

Find out more about the Eisteddfod here >> Website // Facebook // Twitter

One thought on “{captured} that time I burst my #eisteddfod cherry…and some thoughts on it.

  1. I’m definitely taking the kiddos when they’re a bit older. It’s awesome. My mum and her brothers and sisters used to go every year when they were younger. Apparently, it was the quite the highlight of their (drunken) social calendar.

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