34 years ago today…


Last night, over a glass of wine, I asked my Mam and Dad what they remembered from the day I was born.  This was their response:

“I remember your Dad going to fetch your Nain Rhosllan and she was coming down the path dressed in her blue dress and navy cardigan.  I remember thinking she looked just like a midwife”

“Your Dad didn’t get to eat his tea and was driving me mad with the way he was eating an apple in the ambulance”

“You came home in a yellow babygrow.  It was either that or white one, we weren’t given the option to find out the sex like today”

“…but your Dad and this apple…there was nothing left of it  That’s all he bloody did!  Eat that apple!”

“Paid a malu!  Aru fi rhoi dwr ar dy dalcen a popeth, yndo!”

“You’re lucky I didn’t do what Arthur did, Jen!  He walked into the wrong delivery room when his wife was in labour, didn’t he?!”

“You weighed 6lbs 8…or 6lbs 9…if you want the exact time and weight, you’ll have to go and ask your Nain Blaendre, she’s got them all written down in her book.  Every single Grandchild and Great Grandchild”

“There were no visitors allowed at the hospital, so we took you to the front door to show everyone”  {In my head, i’m imagining it’s a bit like when Prince George or Princess Charlotte were shown to everyone…!}

“I {Dad} ran a marathon on the Sunday.  I can’t remember my time, but I do remember that Rem Wyn beat me.  Monty drove us all down in a mini bus.  We stopped about half way for a break.  While Monty was sat on the loo, the whole toilet door came off it’s hinges and landed on top of him!”

“They kept us in the hospital for a week!  I was ready to come home the day after you were born”

And there you have it.  A birth story of sorts.  But it’s mine, told by the best.


Alf was sat with us, listening to it all and at the end he looked up and asked “What will my name be when I’m a Dad?”

“What do you mean, Alf?  Your name will always be Alfie”

“ALFIE!  That’s just the worst name for a Dad!”…and shook his head in disbelief!

Man, I love these people!

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