13 things from 13 years ago

{oh, that noise?…just my ovaries exploding…}

Sticking with this theme for one more blog post…because well…my blog, my rules…and it’s been a weekend to remember, what with birthdays, weddings and all things great in between.

So, with a certain Robb Lowe turning 13 yesterday {?!?!?}…here’s 13 things I can remember from the day of his birth back on the 23rd August, 2002.

1 :: It all started whilst I was having a paned and some toast with My mam and brother, Dion.  I was convinced I wasn’t in labour…I can remember Dion pacing up and down in the living room…all he needed to do was start rubbing his head and it would have just been like having Dad there.

2 :: After deciding that it was maybe time to phone Paul and make our way to the hospital {bent over the sofa breathing really heavily might have given the game away, Cer?!}, we were ready for the off.  I was just getting into the car when Paul told me to get back out again…so that he could put a bin bag over the car seat…#priorities

3 :: I was told Mam by now was in a right mess…she could be found in a heap on the floor outside the shop crying.  And in good ol’ Jenny Sglods style, telling everyone that passed her, that I was about to have a baby.

4 ::  Paul asking the midwife after she’d just confirmed that I was in labour “Are we ok to head out to grab some lunch first?!”

5 :: Paul patting his pocket where his ‘pro plus’s’ were.

6 :: I’m in full blown labour, contractions are coming thick and fast, the gas and air is being put to good use…and I’M asking Paul if HE is ok?!

7 :: I kicked the midwife…but in my defence, she had just cut me.  Too much information?!

8 :: Three hours after arriving at the hospital, I told Paul I wanted to push.  He replied with “But the midwife said it would be a few hours yet until you’d want to start pushing”...

9 :: …sure enough, a few pushes later, Robb was here.  All 7lbs 15oz of perfection with the most gorgeous ruby red lips.

10 ::  Paul called his Mam and Dad to tell them they were now grandparents and Paul repeating “Hia TAID” down the phone to Gra who just didn’t grasp what Paul was saying for a good few minutes.

11 :: Our parents decided seeing as they hadn’t heard anything they were going to go for a spin to Wrexham Hospital to see how I was getting on, and as Robb was here by the time they arrived, they got to meet him right afterwards in the Delivery Room.  I love how later on they all went for a Fish and Chips celebratory dinner together!  Never brought me any back though! 

I’d just given them all their first grandson too… ;)

12 ::  After everything had calmed down and it was time for me to sort myself out, I went to put my shoes on only to find out where my waters had landed when they’d burst…

13 :: …that first nappy, always a bit of a shocker, isn’t it?!…


13 years later, and I can still remember it all like it was yesterday.

Here’s to being a teenager, Bach.

One thought on “13 things from 13 years ago

  1. Happy Birthday to your teenager :) !!! Your Paul seems to be quite a character… your memories surely made me giggle (car seat priority… OMG…!!!*lol*) Thanks for the follow – I really appreciate it <3

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