Life is

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Life is…

Music blaring and evening sunshine pouring in through opened doors whilst baking.  sulky dogs{and not knowing why}.  Two hours of uninterrupted reading at the cinema café {currently reading a robot in the garden}.  Saying sorry.  birthday cakethe cheeky girls?!  wedding vibes …and dancing with your sober husband for the first time ever!  {“I couldn’t exactly say no to the bride, could I?!”}.  Too much wine on a Wednesday evening, but the stories were worth it…rocking brides…and rocking monkeys.  All the “Hurry up and come and cuddle me on the sofa, Mam” moments.  Friendships that pick up where you left them…and all the belly laughs.  “Only love can hurt like this” on loud.  Twins that make your insides explode.  Eight year olds who come downstairs in the morning and greet you with the line “Is Big Brother on tonight Mam?”…hashtag bad parenting ;)

Life is…the small things.

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