{captured} #brothergoals


You can tell in this photo that Alf wasn’t too sure about this…but with a bit of encouragement, he got on.  And held on to Robb like his life depended on it.

Other #brothergoals judging by what goes on in this house with these two:

:: Pee sword fights…{don’t ask}

:: Asking to watch a film…and then playing on ipads throughout the whole thing

:: Breakfast with Bear Grylls {he’s on the telly, not in my kitchen…}

:: Telling me how much they love me / how nice I look / just generally being over nice and following it with, “Can we go on the PS4?”

:: The same again with “Who wants pancakes?!”…to be fair though, this doesn’t take much with me

:: Fist fights in the back of the car resulting in me getting nudged in the back at least once…

:: I’m sure they’ve thought of a game called “how many times can we make Mam roll her eyes today?”

:: Same goes for “How many times can we Say Arse until Mam tells us to stop saying Arse”

:: …and the same for “cachu”

:: …and while we’re at it, the same for “fu…” JOKING Gwen! ;)

Bois Bach, de chi werth y byd a mwy…ar holl ‘arses’ hefyd ;)

Living Arrows   Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

4 thoughts on “{captured} #brothergoals

  1. Looks like they’re having great fun. Reminds me of my childhood trying to give each other a ride on another bike. (don’t know if others find it the same, but your font is really small. I’m on a laptop and have to make it 125% to be able to read it)

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