Life is…

THAT scoreline.  25 – 28.  What dreams are made of.  And high fives off the postman for the posters around the office, acknowledging our win.  Pretty hydrangeas on lunchtime walks…and double checking how to spell hydrangeas.  Green Day on loud in the office.  Hair Goals…and then deciding to chop a bit off.  I said it wouldn’t last, didn’t I?!  Football and Handstands til dark.  And having soup and toast to warm up when we get in.  Hello Autumn!  Telling Alf to get ready for school, only to find him half naked and wearing a blue wig…a la Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Lunch with girlfriends.  #macmillancoffeemorning and over £1,000 being raised in the local pub, go Llandrillo!  Karate bruises!  Still trying to figure out that drama I went to watch, a week later.  The Indian Summer making a good start to Autumn.  Therefore, making forest visits with work even more inviting.  Robb doing his thing at the School Open Evening…resulting in a little date night for Alf and I.  Celebrating 10 years as Mr & Mrs with a trip to York.  When we were leaving a restaurant one evening, I asked the waitress where was the best place to head to for a drink, she replied with “Mmm, For your age, I’m not sure…” Aww!  I’m not going to lie to you, I’m still getting trying to get over that one…

All the photos and trying to decide what to do with them.

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