{captured} the perfect way to say goodbye to September

It’s not everyday, I get to wave goodbye to the office and head out to the forest for the afternoon.  But when I do, you can bet it’s a gorgeous sunny day {no flies on this girl ;) } and I’ve got my camera with me.


The track along this lake was by far, the bumpiest track ever…{it reminded me a bit of the wild mine ride at Gulliver’s world}.  So, it was quite nice when my colleague stopped the van {who am I kidding, my whole body was grateful for this short stop} and we just sat there for a few minutes chatting and taking in this beautiful view with just the sound of a harvesting machine working in the distance.

I may have stood a little too close to some logs…but they smell soo good!  And I may have fallen slightly in love with a sheepdog called Macho.  At one point, my colleague and I, were crouched down amongst all the bracken so that we wouldn’t startle the sheep that were passing {true story}, and it was at this point that my colleague happened to mention that the last time he was here, he found a massive snake.  It didn’t take me long to get to the top of where we were heading after that, let me tell you!

My colleague’s last words to me as I was getting out of the car: “Let me know if you get any itching in any peculiar places tonight…because that’ll be the tics”…and off he drove, laughing to himself!




Wales.  It’s something else, right?!  *insert all the heart eye emojis*

I’m happy to report, no itching in peculiar places, phew!

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