{tried and tested} forever beautiful, inspired by Aloe Vera 

I recently got the chance to take this basket of goodies home.  The Forever Beautiful range is new to me, so I was intrigued to find out exactly what they were like in my own space, in my favourite pyjamas watching trashy tv. Aaah, now that was a good hour…just a shame I couldn’t drink my wine…but more on that in a bit.

First up was the aloe scrub which felt so good as it is full of all “those bits”  that we’ve all come to love and my face felt great afterwards…{so good that I ordered one straight away}.  I then went on to use the soap, the moisturizing lotion before mixing myself a little foot soak like Charlotte suggested using the soap and aloe heat lotion.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t read into this cream more as it does sound like a good one to have, too.  While my feet had a soak {in the ever useful kitchen washing up bowl!} and the Kardashian’s took me on a tour of their 100th “vacation” this year, I got the ingredients together for what was to be the main event of the evening…

…the face mask which is known as “Botox in a bottle”.  I kid you not.  This stuff is the bees knees.  The Top dog.  The Big Cheese.  Again, like Charlotte suggested, I mixed the Mask Powder and Aloe Activator until it was like a paste and used a foundation brush to apply it evenly all over my face and neck.  Instantly, I felt my face tightening {and, if I’m honest, my heart beating a little faster} and just sat there thinking “Is it meant to feel like this?!”…honestly, this face mask is hilarious and frightening {in a good way…if ever there is one?!} in equal measures.  Robb came downstairs to get a drink at one point and just burst out laughing and said “Mam, what ARE you doing?!!!”…I tried to reply, but couldn’t!  And this is where the bit about the wine comes in.  My face had tightened up that much that I couldn’t really move my lips!  I was talking through my teeth, trying my best to answer Robb and not burst out laughing…and my poor neglected wine just sat there…waiting and giving me the eye every now and again.  All of this while one of the Kardashian’s got lost in her own friggin’ walk in wardrobe.  And to help matters, I looked like bloody Freddie Cougar!  There was a photo on what’s app…but it’s only gone to a select few.  Mainly, Wendy, who is terrified of Freddie Cougar!  Yeah, I’m that friend ;)

Anyway, the mask!  Even after all the above, it is bloody amazing and I would definitely buy it and do it all again!  To really see/feel the benefit, they say you have to do this 3 times a week, but I could see a difference after just this one and kept telling Paul to stroke my face to feel how soft it was!  This face mask really does need all the !!!!!

Charlotte hosts Aloe Very parties, and the face mask party is one that I would definitely like to help her out with one evening.  If you are interested, let me know and we can see what we can arrange.  I mostly want to do the party just so I can see a few of your reactions to this mask…mainly my Mam and Sian Ellen, because I just know they would wet themselves!  Like I said, I’m that friend!

Thanks for the basket of goodies, Charlotte!

{serious face : this basket of goodies was given to me to try out free of charge just for the weekend, all thoughts and words are my own…including that photo of me looking like Freddie…}

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