Weekend Scenes


…are we late to the conker party?!  

Who remembers the Conker Championships at primary school?!  Those nights spent baking them and preparing them…only for Mr Jones, the Headmaster, to smash it to pieces in one swoop when he’d challenge us at the end of playtime, instead of gathering us inside to our next lesson.  The good old days indeed, before health and safety went bloody barmy and banned conkers from school playgrounds.

Some more pics from the weekend;


Chubby cheeks that need to be squished every so often.  {10 seconds at the most}.


Scream if you wanna go faster!


3 more goals added to the bank, go Alf!


…and another bike added to the ever growing collection…


Messy hair, don’t care…pretty sure he knows it winds me up.


The busy weekends are always the best ones, aren’t they?!  Before you know it, it’s 6:45 on Monday morning, you’ve still got yesterday’s mascara smudged all around your eyes and you’re hoping that that’s not Robbs’s school blazer you can see crumpled at the bottom of the ironing  basket…

But seriously, who has been and nabbed all of the conkers?! 

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