{around here} Coby Lad – Doing his bit for charity


How handsome is he?!

gipsy caravan

Coby Lad, along with his owner, Dave Ellis, are currently having a well deserved break at Bala, before they continue on their ten day charity trek complete with gipsy caravan and living off the land, “I’ll be eating nettles, dandelions, hawthorns, maybe a few fish if I can catch them”.


I was hoping to get photos of Mr Ellis too, but {me being me}, I got there at the wrong time to find no Mr Ellis, but a very friendly Coby Lad, who was more than happy to take his place and pose for the camera ;)

fire pit

I couldn’t have missed him by far though, as I think tonight’s supper was simmering away in this huge pot.


The 10 day trek is to raise funds for the Bone Cancer Centre Appeal at the Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen, which is currently under development, after his wife, Chris, sadly passed away.

I’m really gutted I didn’t get to meet Mr Ellis and shake his hand.  It’s nice knowing, when the news is as depressing as it is right now, that there’s some good people about.  I wish him and Coby Lad all the best with the rest of their trek.

More info here and here.

If you wish to donate to Dave’s fundraising efforts, drop in at Beaverz Ally Reclamation Yard, or call him on 07434921441.

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