{a to z} D is for Diolch // Thank You

Alf ended up in work with me yesterday {long story}, so I showed him my usual lunchtime walk and we discussed the why’s, how’s and colours of all of the falling leaves. It was lovely.

He has since decided that coming to work with me is way more fun than going to school.

Nice try Alf…nice try.  But thanks for the leaves currently “decorating” the office.


Just quickly, twice in the last week I’ve been overwhelmed with lovely comments I’ve read about this little ol’ blog of mine.  Don’t be fooled, this isn’t me blowing my own trumpet, I was just really chuffed…and I suppose I do love this little space of mine…so yeah, they came as a lovely surprise and were ace to read.  {insert all the smiley and heart eye emoji’s here}.

So, Diolch Gemma and Rachel…who’s blogs you should check out as they are both gorgeous.

Heck, while I’m at it…here’s a few more thank you’s…for a great day out with the girls on Saturday – Rugby followed by an evening watching Dirty Dancing the live show…for saying “diolch” everytime I flip a pancake on your plate…for that glass of bubbly…for having Alf Saturday afternoon…for me and orla’s #instaretreat course…for calling off the match on Sunday…for our lazy morning…for what’sapp group chats and all the giggles and for letting me discuss my fringe way too many times.

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