Weekend Plans


Apart from all the usual weekend errands, Blackberry and Toffee Apple Crumble is on the menu this weekend, thanks to yesterday’s finds during my lunchtime walk.  Nothing like a good rummage in the hedgerows, fingers and hands all black from the juices, balancing on one leg while a car rushes by, but with a huge smile on my face because…well…#thiscountrylife – this recipe is what I’m aiming for. {And her legs…pah!  yeah, right…}.

Alf is learning all about Patagonia in school at the moment.  So, tomorrow we are off to watch HOLA!; “A powerful new drama by Mari Rhian Owen about the hopes, fears and adventures of the Welsh people who sailed to Patagonia 150 years ago to create a new life.”   Kids ages 7-11?  You should go!  I think I’m more excited about it than Alf…so much so that clicking on link after link after link on all things Patagonia has lead to me to buy and get excited about the arrival of this book; Hiraeth Stories from Welsh Patagonia{I might have to buy one for Dad too}.

Sunday morning is all about the football…and every Sunday as the temperature drops it’s slowly reminding me to bring down this jacket from the attic.  I eyed it up last time I was up there, but October has been so good to us, I decided to leave it up there that little bit longer.  Maybe SundayProbably Sunday.

…Big Coat and Crumbles, Autumn summed up in 4 words.

Have a good weekend.

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