{captured} Alf’s Skillz…


I was going to go with a totally different photo for this post.  A totally different post too.  But while we were all off together for a few days over half term, I got the camera out and snapped away to my heart’s content, maybe a little too enthusiastically…which Paul just loves…ask him… ;)

So, throw in a beauty of an October and a great start to November, the camera has been out quite a bit lately.  So much so, I’ve decided to try the whole NaPloBOPho…thing-a-me-jig for the month of November.  Basically, a photo a day.  I do this anyway with my iphone, so it shouldn’t be too hard with my camera…she says.

So I thought I’d got ‘the one’ for today earlier but it wasn’t until I went to upload it just now that I found the photo above.  It’s Alf taking a photo of the sunset that he’d seen me trying to capture only a few moments earlier before I got distracted by the telephone.  But I was hanging out of the window a bit more…so thanks for not doing that Alf.  Phew!

It’s not the best photo, obviously, but I just love how he’s watched me trying to get this photo and has given it a go himself.  You can just about make out his arm and the camera to the left.  Diolch Alf, ti’n seren.

…And I obviously need to get the window cleaners in at work… ;)

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