{around here} Cregennan Lakes


We can’t be the only parents who sometimes find it hard to come up with stuff to do when the kids are off during half term, can we?!  We always ask the bois for ideas and all they can come up with is swimming.  Swimming is always fun with them but sometimes we are a bit like “think of something else, bois!”.  During our summer holiday in Pembrokeshire, one of our highlights of the week was our “adventure/walk” we did one day along the coast.  Since then, we all said we wanted to do more of them.  So when Alf mentioned last week he wanted to do something like that again {between you and I, it’s anything as long as it’s not biking with Alf…as much as Paul tries to get him on one!} and Paul said he knew just the place.  And funnily enough he knew about it as he’d not long cycled passed it; Cregennan Lakes.  I think I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves…





A well deserved break…red cheeks and the green, green grass of home.




Spot Rolly!  Paul said that Alf wasn’t too keen up here…





We had a great couple of hours exploring, climbing…and dodging the gorse, just ask the bois, they made a right meal out of dodging that.  All finished off with a quick snack in Barmouth and bumping into familiar faces.

I’m going to make more of an effort to discover these amazing places that we are surrounded by and have already been given the heads up on a couple of places that the bois will love.  First up though are the cluster of trees on the Berwyns not far from our house, Robb’s mentioned walking to these a few times.  Watch this space.

More info on Cregennan Lakes here, here and here.

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