{worn} The Best Bobble Hat in Town…


…well, I would say that as I made it ;)

But, it’s arrived…November 5th, the first time this year I’ve thought about digging out the woolly hats and scarves, that’s got to be some sort of record for around here?!


But we’re ready and excited about the fireworks and hot dogs {is there hot dogs?!  I hope so, I’ve gone on strike in the kitchen tonight}…and fingers crossed there are sparklers on sale at the display, as someone forgot to buy some…

Now, I’ve just got to pop to the attic for those winter coats…

: Photos by Robb and directed by Alf “Put your finger up your nose, Mam!  Yes, stay like that!”… 

4 thoughts on “{worn} The Best Bobble Hat in Town…

  1. I have an “X Box” it’s full of mementos of my teenage years. Lots of letters, notes, snaps (obviously) and a few ticket stubs and landmark birthday cards. They aren’t just from ex “boyfriends” but past friends too.
    I haven’t looked in it for years but it’s comforting to know that in years to come I can reminisce and show the grandkids how cool their Nain was! (And still is I bet)
    Somewhere out there is a past video I wish I had a copy of, my 19th birthday weekend. But I’m really glad I did it.
    Facebook has turned into the archive now!

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