Swinton Bivouac // Folklings Go North

Swinton Bivouac

This, Ladies & Gents, was my home for the weekend.  And you have to take my word for it when I say it is just as gorgeous inside as it is on the outside, because of no electricity, everything lit by candlelight {which was gorgeous!}, we’re at the end of November and my lack of camera “skills”, I didn’t really get much of the inside.  Just all of the candles.



All of them.

Let’s rewind a little.  First up, Annie, who is the force behind Folklings,  organised for a few of us to spend the weekend together at the Swinton Bivouac, Masham in Yorkshire.  There were 8 of us altogether with 2 log cabins to accommodate us all.  3 of whom I’d met at The Goodlife Experience and 4 ladies I’d not met before.  I had a few funny looks when I told people that I didn’t really know who I was going to be spending the weekend with…not forgetting sharing bedrooms and toilets with!


I don’t know if it’s my age {I’ve mentioned before how i’m loving my 30’s and everything that has come with it; confidence in the choices I make, the things I do etc.}, but I don’t know whether a few years back I would’ve said yes to an opportunity like this, to just pack my stuff and head off all by myself.  That sounds really dramatic, but do you know what I mean?  To just say, sod it, I really want to do this and I’m going.  Is it too early to mention The New Year, because right there, while writing that, I’ve just decided to say Yes more and to make stuff happen instead of waiting for it to happen.  And that old cliche about “if it’s scares you, then it must be good”…or however it goes fits in here too*. 

Swinton Bivouac

Just no zombie attacks please.  Because that shit just really scares me…ask those I was away with.  Who wants to talk about stuff like that when it’s dark outside, the curtains are open and everything is candlelit and there’s no one else around for miles?  Not.  Me.

But, if there is one thing that I can say about this blog of mine and this weekend away, is through them both I have come away with new friends.  “Real Life” Friends if you want to call them that and not just people who I know “online”.

Anyway, I’m jabbering on now…so here’s some more photos:

druids temple

Druids Temple

Druids Temple…a very wet and windy Druids Temple, I might just add.

Druids Temple

Friday Evening was spent at the very lovely and welcoming restaurant that’s on site.  The food was really good, the people were lovely…and there were some squeals over pink ice cubes…

Nothing like a wet and windy walk to wake you up properly in the morning, is there?

…and nothing like a pint of Guiness and Beef dinner to warm you up afterwards!


Blue sky

Sadly, half of the group had to leave on the Sunday, so after saying our farewells we decided to share a bottle of red before heading back to the cabin for the evening.

Which resulted in this followed shortly by this…and gin.

I could go on and on, but I will leave you with this: …I hadn’t realised just how much I needed a chilled weekend full of rain, wind, laughter, fire and wine.  I’ve come away with new hashtags to follow {or laugh at, whichever way you want to look at it}, Instagram do’s and don’ts…and a love for Gin with Rhubarb and Rosehip Cordial…and a new realisation that I’m useless when it comes to making a fire.

Here’s to New Friends, too.

A big Diolch again to Annie for organising it all and to everyone else who made the weekend a great one; Emma, Elizabeth, Gemma, Sarah, Jen and Katie.

*I’ve just said yes to going to see Lionel Richie in June, so apparently I AM saying Yes to anything and everything ;)

6 thoughts on “Swinton Bivouac // Folklings Go North

  1. Lovely photos Cerys. I also came home with lots of tealight and lantern ones too – but I think that was a big part of our weekend :) I didn’t realise the zombie talk scared you – next time we should have a ‘safety word’ on standby. Good to meet you at last, hopefully we’ll see eachother again soon x

  2. 25% of the photos I took were of tea lights in the dark, morning light, afternoon light, daylight…

    Thanks for coming Cerys – and the kids went mad for the Bara Brith :)


  3. That all sounds terrific! Magic can happen when we say yes to something like this… I have made some amazing friends from reaching out via the internet – some of which I know I will have for life. And your photos… magnificent!

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