Life is…


Life is…waking up in the middle of the night in a panic that there is a candle still burning, only for you to realise that you haven’t even lit one that evening.  It’s the annual family Christmas party and all the photos.  And realising just how much you love being in their company.  It’s turkey costumes.  It’s getting our first belts in Karate.  Go Team Lowe!  This is Robb’s ‘thing’, for sure.  So proud of them both.  And saying to someone “ooh! you look different in your clothes…I mean normal clothes…I mean…err…” and all the blushes.  It’s my niece playing me in the school Christmas concert…and nailing the blogger look ;) Da iawn ti, Ella.  It’s Christmas Tree ear-rings everyday throughout December {Hi Mam!}.  It’s evenings curled up in bed reading ‘My sister lives on the mantelpiece’.  It’s graffiti-ing colleague’s cars because they’re really muddy and you’ve forgotten how to be an adult for five minutes.  It’s Elf the movie for the first time and listening to Alf laugh like he hasn’t done in a while.  It’s Free Wreath making classes aka #gettingon ;)  It’s cute Shetland ponies and donkeys…do you think I could sneak one in my pocket and take it home with me?!  Honestly Paul, you’ll never know.

December.  I think I Love and Hate this time of year in equal measures, at times.  I love the lights around the house and the cosiness of it all…but the stress that can come with it all {if you let it get to you, which sometimes is just hard not to}, pah! that can bloody do one.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

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