When Santa came to Rhug


…and the best Santa at that!  Even I was in awe when he waved his hand over Alf and said he could “sense mischievousness”…how the hell does he know that?!  Is this real life?!  Just a shame that Alf wasn’t prepared and had to think really hard about what he really wanted off the main man.  He replied with something like “I will let you know when I write my letter to you tonight…”.

And then it was over to the cafe for hot chocolates all around.  And maybe some new gloves came home with me from the shop.  What?!…it’s Christmas! ;)

As if by magic {or just great timing}, it started to snow as we left!



Alfie = mind blown!


Bois, can I have a nice photo of you both showing the ‘Special Ticket’?  Ok, maybe not.

But seriously, Santa at Rhug is a good one and worth a visit.

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