Wreath Making at Ruthin Craft Centre

Christmas Wreath

I stopped buying the national newpapers a couple of months back now  and just buy the local Free Press.  Not only has it stopped me from reading news I don’t want to read {and wasting a lot of my time}, but I don’t think I would have seen the advert for this class at Ruthin Craft Centre {and other kids workshops} anywhere else.  And I’ve come away with, I wouldn’t go as far as to say a new skill, but at least something I now know how to make. And will attempt again and again.

You don’t get that reading about how Lady C isn’t really a lady and really likes a pack of 4 tinnies sat in front of her telly… ;-)

At the time, I remember thinking “free class?  I bet I’ve missed out” but I was pleased to hear that I hadn’t and that I was the first one to put my name down.  Result!

collagecollage 2

Having never been before, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  I shouldn’t have worried, I walked into a workshop full of friendly faces and found myself sharing a table with some lovely women.  There was boxes lined up on the table full of our supplies for the day; moss, pine cones, dried oranges and apples, cinnamon sticks as well as piles of foliage lined up waiting for us all to dive in.

After an introduction into her work and background, Kate who runs a bespoke artificial floral service and obviously knows her stuff, showed us how to start on our wreaths.


I feel I need to point that this was my first time ever having a go at this and I really didn’t have a clue as to how to even begin making a wreath.  But I was put at ease straight away when I realised I wasn’t the only one and thankfully, Kate was really good at explaining what we needed to do.


At this point, I still wasn’t too sure what I was doing or that there was a “theme” beginning to take shape…but I just knew I wanted to keep with these colours.  I was just repeating myself by grabbing foliage and the leaves, fanning it out and then wrapping the wire around the base to secure it all.  It’s also, v e r y therapeutic.  I happened to turn around to look what was still in the box on the floor and spotted some faded and very gorgeous looking hydrangea…


Along with the oranges, pine cones and cinnamon sticks {and maybe a lot more faffing…}, I soon had my wreath all finished.  I was really pleased with how it all turned out and even more when there were mentions of “woodland theme”, “autumn” and “vintage” when discussing my wreath.  2 of those which I absolutely love!


It was interesting to see how all of the wreaths varied, considering we all had exactly the same supplies, here are another two from that afternoon;

collage 3

Unfortunately, no nail was going near our new red front door, so my wreath is now hanging on Gwen and Gra’s door.

But if something has made me want to go for a good walk and collect all the gorgeous stuff that nature has to offer and then come home, bend a clothes hanger into a circular shape {thanks for that tip, Mr M!} and just give everything a go, it’s this class.


If you think this is gorgeous {why, thank you!}, you should see what the lovely Jen at Blodau Berwyn made me while I was there the other morning with her.  That post coming soon.

But keep an eye out on these classes at Ruthin Craft Centre as they’re really worth a visit.

7 thoughts on “Wreath Making at Ruthin Craft Centre

  1. Ahh, looks fab. I saw this class but couldn’t make it. Bizarrely, I was round the corner at the hairdresser’s on the high street. Oh and the scissors you want are probably Hay ones … I have a pair (yep, I am part of the cliché).

    1. This is just so frustrating…so close yet so far!!! Do you know, I’d probably use those hay scissors in photos all the time if I had them! I bet you’d make all of this wreath making look so effortless Rachel, you and your talented hands…does that sound weird?!…it’s not meant to ;) xxx

  2. Love this – is it too early to place my order for next year? ;) Rooting through all those boxes of goodies looks like a good way to spend time. We re-painted our red door in the Summer; felt a bit bad whacking a nail into it to hang our wreath on…

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