{around here} Blodau Berwyn


Saturday, 12th December 2015 will now officially be known as ‘The Day of the Wreath’ around here.  Not only did I attend the course at Ruthin Craft Centre in the afternoon, but before heading there, I had an exclusive  and TOP SECRET {…not really} fast track lesson off the lovely Jen at Blodau Berwyn in Corwen.  And when I say fast track, I’m talking 20 minutes.  We chatted for a lot longer though.  Jen is lovely and we had a little reminisce about the days back when we would attend Wedding Fair’s etc when I used to have the card making business.

Anyway, while we chatted, Jen made a start on the wreath.

By “filling in the blanks” as it were, it soon started to fill out.


And soon, Jen was adding the finishing touches;



And here’s the lovely lady herself;


“Oh, hang on, let me take my glasses off…and is my hair ok?!”  Love her.

Another wreath that is available in the shop, is this one with the vase and candle, how gorgeous are these?!;


So, if you haven’t got any wreath making classes to attend or haven’t got the skills, for £12, you can’t go wrong with these at Blodau Berwyn.


Needless to say, the wreath Jen made while I was there came home with me and is making our very tired and worn dinner table look {and smell} all festive.  Especially, with the red candles I’ve placed in the middle of it.


I would’ve quite easily taken Jen home too.  ;)

Bloday Berwyn haven’t got a website up yet, but you can contact them via their facebook page; Blodau Berwyn Facebook Site

PS – I promise no more mention of Wreath’s on here until at least next December ;)

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