Christmas is…







Christmas is…

The Christmas Eve Carol Service…new pyjamas…not wrapping anything until midnight…tears at bedtime because someone has suddenly decided that actually, he doesn’t want Santa in his bedroom…topping and tailing with the elder brother because of said tears…having to wake the bois up Christmas morning {they like their sleep, like their Mam}…a new coffee machine, but no coffee…darts all day, every day…a long overdue drink with your fave girl in the Duds…Lunch that was a hit with the In-Laws {result!}…dodgy tashes…superhero props…pie face…more darts…your sister calling ”for one” and not leaving til 1am…dance off’s and drunk brothers…left overs from the left overs…naps…new books…pancake dates…eating tea in your pyjamas…

Christmas is squirreling away the Toffifee until there’s no one else around…

I hope you all had a good one, not quite got out of the food coma yet and have got your glasses filled at all times.

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