2016 and my #52ListsProject


No resolutions over here.  Nope.  Na.  Dim diolch.  What’s that saying?  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“.  Nothing’s broke so there’s no fixing.  Easy.  Just a few gentle reminders, if you will.  Like less of the “cheese coma’s” …{mmmm cheeeeeese}…that happened quite a few times over the Christmas period and more of the running that I once loved.  Karate seems to have taken over these dark evening months, but now that the Winter Solstice has been and gone…onwards and upwards, as they say…just not on a Friday evening, I’m busy “wax-ing on and wax-ing off” … ;)

I’m not going to list all of these reminders/goals for the new year, but here’s a few; stick to and mostly enjoy the 52 lists project, push the blog a bit more, have a go at making that jumper I’ve been eyeing up for ages, put the phone down and be present {that old chestnut…}, pick up a book instead of the kindle and my favourite one, read more with the boys.  We’ve just started the first Harry Potter book, I know, I know, we’re a bit late to the party with this one, but we’re all loving it so far and it’s just nice to get into it together Not sure how much longer Robb will last with us though as I can see on his face, he’s just desperate to continue with it once we’ve finished for the night...that or I’m reading too slow for him.  I can remember being asked to finish off the chapter of whichever book we were reading in class as the teacher said I’d finish it just before the bell went.  Turns out Robb’s being asked exactly the same thing…*punches the air*

So, like I said, just some gentle reminders.  Especially the book one as I went to turn the real page of the book I’m currently reading by swiping across it the other evening…

2016, let’s be having you.

7 thoughts on “2016 and my #52ListsProject

  1. Oh my goodness, you’re just starting Harry Potter? I’m really quite jealous of you, it’s amazing! And it’ll be a lovely experience to read it as a family too. The 52 lists project sounds really interesting, and I definitely know the feeling of knowing you should put the phone down and be present a bit more!

  2. You can’t beat cheese comas over Christmas – we had a cheese board for dinner on Christmas Eve! I’m trying to read real books more too. Started and abandoned one already, picked up another and I’m whizzing through it. Happy new year if I haven’t said it already :)

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