Brodyr // Brothers {2}



“Dwi’n mynd i trio fy gorau glas yn karate heno, Mam”.  Go Alf.

Giggles as the horse we were just stroking decides he’d rather turn around and scratch his backside against the gate in front of us.  Nice.

Putting fingers in ears as not to hear the ending line of ‘Fungus The Bogey Man’…“sometimes it’s a bump in the night…and sometimes it’s Fungus…”.

High fives when I’m cooking their favourite tea.

Watching the tv with the dog on them…or vice versa.

Adrenaline {i’m guessing} from swimming lessons {or just pure daftness?} resulting in a slap on the bum {for me} and a “Hey Beautiful!”.  I could get used to this.

Bedtime tricks/delays…“Oh Mam, I’ve been thinking about our bedtime cuddle ALL DAY”…and yes, it works, every time.

Bois Bach, de chi werth y byd.

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