10 Things I’ve loved about My Little Box so far.

Picture it; second or maybe third {…ok, third} glass of wine in hand, scrolling through facebook and something you keep scrolling by, this time takes your fancy.  Ten minutes later, you’ve subscribed to My Little Box.  A couple of days later, you see some bad reviews online and start to think, “uh-oh…what have I done?”“I’ll stick with it and see what turns up in the first box”. 

3 boxes in and I’m yet to regret my subscription…but that third glass of wine?  Mmmhmmm.

Anyway, My Little Box; a box filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises, is delivered and based around a different theme every month.  So far, so good {sweet, magic and wish have been the last few themes}.  Like the title suggests, here’s my 10 things I’ve loved so far amongst a mixture of stuff I’ve received;

1 :: My Diary above.  It’s cute, I love it and all of the illustrations for every month.

2 :: The Gloves.  If I hadn’t just gone and bought myself a pair for myself as a Christmas gift from me to err…me, then I wouldn’t have given these away.  But, being the “last minute” type of person that I am, they were the perfect gift for the lovely taxi lady that drives Alf and all the other village kids to school on the mini bus.

3 :: The Apron.  The first time I wore this at home, the reaction I got from Paul and the bois bach was “oooh, what’s all this, eh?!”.  Since then, it has become the norm to don this on in the kitchen…and has saved my pyjamas from a lot of Nutella.

4 :: The Orgasm Blusher.  Says it all, really.  But it’s the NARS one and again, I like it and probably wouldn’t have gone and bought it myself.  But will once this one runs out.

5:: The Nail Varnish.  Seeing as this isn’t something I use often, this came in handy {ha, get it?!…sorry…} as a little “extra” for a Christmas gift last month.

6 :: The Bracelet.  Really nice and simple design.

7 :: The Make up Bag.  I’ve had the same make up bag for years now {it’s still going strong, Cara!} but am keeping this one for when I do decide to change it.  And as my make up is very, very basic, it will all fit in, no problem.

8 :: The Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream.  I’ve used other Garnier products before so knew that this wouldn’t disappoint.  And it doesn’t.  Hello s u p e r soft skin!

9 :: The Box itself!  The one pictured has been sat on the bedroom floor for far too long if I’m honest, but it will soon be full of home made cookies.

10 ::  The Magazine that comes with it – from what I’m reading online, the glossy mag that has been sent the last couple of times is a bigger hit than the fold out type mag that has been sent in the past.  Either way, a magazine with a bit more info on what you’ve received in your box and some interviews.

Have you subscribed to any of these type of boxes?  Any you’d recommend?

PS – This isn’t all I’ve received, other items I’ve received vary from lip balm to stickers for coffee and sugar jars etc. to body cream.

PPS – I hope I haven’t jinxed my future boxes now by saying how great it’s all been so far…time will tell.

{insert serious face; I’ve not been paid billions of pounds or promised super stuff in my future boxes for this, I just simply love it, think we all deserve to treat ourselves often and wanted to share it with you all.  Words and photos are my own…and that bloody 3-glass-hangover ;) }

9 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve loved about My Little Box so far.

  1. Hello i did ‘Birchbox’ for about a year it was like receiving a present every month full of little treats. Alas i was doing a culling of household costs and decided it had to go. Yours sounds lovely, wait now while I just google…..

    1. Hia Ffi! I did Birchbox too and it sounds like we both quit it for the same reason…{bloody grown up stuff, eh?! Ha!}. Let me know if you do go for it. We can then compare ‘dros y ffens’! Thanks for reading and commenting too, made my day! xx

  2. I tried this out when it first launched in the UK and I’m afraid to say that I had so many problems that I ended up cancelling my subscription. Missing boxes, late boxes, double payments being taken… Argh! The stuff in the boxes always looks so great though I was gutted that I had such a run of bad luck with them. Like I said though, that was ages ago when they first launched so maybe I should give them another chance? Your best picks sound absolutely dreamy I’m very tempted! Ha!

    1. Oh no! I had read a few bad reviews online but, fingers crossed, it’s been really good up until now. The stuff really has been nice…and last night there was freshly baked cookies going into the tin…not that they stayed there long… ;) xx

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