Life is…


Life is…

…very rare blue skies in Wales at the moment, so I’m just going to stare at this photo for a little longer…booking a couple of running events to get me off my backside…{an ever growing one at that!}…Dydd Santes Dwynwen…8 year old’s who shout out “180!” in their sleep…Lunch Dates…quad biking…hot chocolates as big as your head…new diary…celebrating an 18th birthday and feeling, well, not old…just not as young…and falling flat on your back during one move {#gohome}…”Goosebumps” at the cinema…kitchen shopping and telling the girls you are going to have a Dublin sink when you meant a Belfast one…yes, I’d had wine and yes, one of us nearly wet ourselves laughimg…pancakes {#standard}…your teenage son giving you tips on what to watch on the tv…“A Year of Marvellous Ways” – what a read!  Absolutely loved it…Phillip the Donkey…freshly baked peanut butter cookies and hot chocolates for tea {sshh!} whilst another film {The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”}…long walks and pub lunches…

…there were a lot of hot chocolates in January…

How’s life treating you?

2 thoughts on “Life is…

    1. Hello! I’ve booked myself onto a 14k trail run and a 5k obstacle colour run. I see you’re training too, looks like it’s going well for you. Keep it up! X

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