{around here} Nyrs Gron


The Aim : That cluster of trees at the top, known locally as Nyrs Gron.  Or if you’re my brother, Gethin, and still 12 years old in your head, “the Dinosaurs”.

The Plan : To reach the top, with all kids {all 6 of them plus Gethin…} still in one piece and have a picnic of sorts…if you can in February…at the top.

The Result : A great couple of hours walk with plenty of laughs, tired legs, rosy cheeks, some scary looking rams, a lot of mud and five minutes of pure pleasure as we watched Geth slip and slide his way down one whole muddy field whilst muttering “Whose bloody idea was this anyway?”.  Yours, Geth.  All yours.

Of course, me being me, I documented the whole thing  ;)

…and we were off!


This was never going to end well, was it?!…
“hey handsome!”…said from a distance…

And here is Geth’s debut on the blog…”about bloody time I was on it”

some of us, more than others, needed two minutes on the way up…
Hello Nyrs Gron!


I'll give him one more photo, then that's his lot.
I’ll give him one more photo, then that’s his lot ;)
The Gang….although Owen is looking at us a bit like “Who are these people?!”…

Nyrs Gron

At one point, I was getting a bit worried about Mam.  She was looking really red in the face and a bit tired…but then I found out why.  You should have seen what she was carrying up on her back!  As I was pulling out slightly squished ham sandwiches to offer the bois, she was all “Right!  Who wants some cheese and crackers?  I’ve got some chicken in here too.  Oh, and some dips.  Salad dressing, anyone?!  Open that bottle of wine, Low!”and then, THEN, pulled out some wine glasses!…she is something else.  And the best.


Rolly summing up how we felt when we got home.  Or was that just me?!

And there we have it, Nyrs Gron done.  Robb’s been wanting to go up to those trees for some time now.  I’m sure it’s the first of many trips up there.

Where shall we go next, Gang?!

2 thoughts on “{around here} Nyrs Gron

  1. I can’t believe how much stuff she had stashed in her bag, no wonder she was looking a bit tired haha! I thought I went well prepared on walks, your Mam has set a new standard :)

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