Goals / Reminders / Whatever you want to call them…just not New Year Resolutions…

…because like I said back in this post, the words “New Years Resolutions” aren’t welcome round here.  Just reminders or goals.  And since then, there’s a few more been added to the list.

The first one is to do something with all of these photos I take.  A couple of years back, I made one of those photo books.  We loved it and said we were going to make one every year.  We {or I} didn’t.  So, instead of waiting for the year to end and then start on it, and let’s be honest, there’s always 101 other things to do at the end of the year too.  I’ve decided that at the end of every month, using this app, I’m going to print off my favourite photos.  Easy!  Above is my collection from January.  Now to find a decent scrap book or photo album to start filling up…if you know of any decent ones, please let me know.  Diolch.

Another is bread making.  I made some bread rolls the other week and they were…ok.  Then on the weekend, I decided to try and make some sundried tomato bread and it was…err…not edible.  I mean it came out of the oven no bigger than my fist!  ARGH!!  I was so frustrated!  Diolch Byth Wales went on to win in the rugby, is all I can say.  BUT!  I’ve just been given a major tip {…it turns out, you don’t just throw your yeast in, there’s much more to it…}.  So, we’ll see.

And lastly, Diving.  I can’t dive.  Never have.  Paul has tried to teach me a few times, but he thinks I’m just standing on the side, waving my arms about and generally making a fuss because I’m really just attention seeking.  I’m not.  I just can’t dive.  Just like I can’t go down those bloody steep death slide slide’s!  Again, he thinks I’m attention seeking.  Anyway, diving.  I won’t be giving Tom Daley a run for his money, but to just be able to do some sort of dive, I’ll be happy.

Anything added to your 2016 List?!  And what do you do with your photos?  Upload and then forget about them?…

PS – Giveaways – I learnt over the weekend that you can actually win them!  Therefore, have you entered mine yet?!  You should.

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