{Walking Wales} Gwylfa Hiraethog


When you start the half term holidays with the kids by saying “Today, we are going to buy a new kitchen…” you know you’ve got to follow it up with something good.


“Want to walk up to some ruins to check it out…oh, and apparently it’s haunted!” doesn’t quite hit the mark at times either, but boys being boys, mention “We’ll eat out somewhere”…SOLD.  Every time.  Or is that just my cooking?!…Anyway.


We picked a corker of a day.  Bitterly cold up on top of Denbigh Moors, but oh so pretty!

“Gwylfa Hiraethog {originally a shooting lodge}, is said to have been the highest inhabited house in Wales and to have the widest views of any other house in Britain”. 

Situated above The Sportsmans Arms on Denbigh Moors, it’s not the toughest of walks, but enough to get us out and roaming the moors.  It was obviously made a lot more pleasant by the weather too.


“Trespassers will be Prosecuted”.  We weren’t.



But we did get a few games of Hide ‘n’ Seek up there.  Until, being the responsible parents we are, when it was our time to hide from the boys, we just started to make our way back down to the car to see how long it would take them to notice…


…which wasn’t that long.  Between you and me, I think someone got a bit creeped out.  Robb.  So, it was home for some hot drinks.


…and maybe a nap.  Or two.

Know of any other ruins we need to go and see?  Let me know.  Diolch.   I like to creep my kids out… ;)

If you liked this, you should definitely google “Gwylfa Hiraethog” for some more great photos and stories.

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