{they said it would be easy} Sun-dried tomato bread

…I’m not going to lie to you, it took me 3 attempts to get this right.

Attempt #1 – I only went and forgot to put the sundried tomatoes in it…i.e. one of the main ingredients!  #facepalmmoment

Attempt #2 – I let this one sit to “do it’s thing” for a lot longer than instructed and still…nothing.  It hadn’t even risen a cm.  But still, I thought “it might do something when it’s baking?…” ha!  What the what, Cerys?!  It came out of the oven no bigger than my fist.  I may have laughed really hard at this point…it was either that or cry.

Attempt #3 – Now we’re talking!  After realising I actually needed to “activate” the yeast BEFORE adding it into the mixture, guess what?!  It bloody worked!  I also googled* the correct way to knead.  Duw Anwyl, did my arms know about it the next day.  Great workout!  It actually says if you haven’t worked up a sweat, then it’s not ready.

I did a little dance as I took this one out of the oven.

And then poached up a couple of eggs to put on top.  Delicious.

And then had some with my soup for lunch.

And then ate some with far too much butter whenever I felt like it.

Recipe HERE.  Tips HERE.  Bread making skills…err not here, but if you know where I can get some, let me know.  Diolch.

Baked any bread yourself recently?  Feel free to share some tips with me ;)

* {FYI, I google e v e r y t h i n g these days *insert ridiculous question from Alfie* yeah, I google it}

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