{Walking Wales} Kite Flying up Cylch Cerrig

kite flying

Confession time; this might be the first time I have been up to Cylch Cerrig with the bois.  It was definitely the first time flying kites up there…but it won’t be the last.  The bois, as well as everyone else, loved it.  A sunny Sunday afternoon, friends and a dog that nearly got left at the top {!!!}, it’s a recipe for a good couple of hours.


Look at that.  How lucky are we to get to call this home?! And how good is Ilan at flying that kite?!

We cheated a little and drove up a bit as it was getting late in the afternoon…plus we wanted to get back to watch the footy on the telly!

It was great to watch the kids flying the kites, running around, helping each other when somebody else’s kite needed to get back up, noses getting redder by the minute because of the biting cold wind, but everyone still running around with smiles on their faces.  Adults included.

This is where I go on and on about growing up in Wales, how beautiful it is around here, tell you stories about friends falling off swings when it still way too high in the sky, when playing in cow shit was the norm and how glad I am that this is where we brought up our bois.  But, you know all that already.  ;)


And then it was time for the pro to have a go ;)…It was also the first time I got to test out my new trespass jacket properly…because the first time I tried it, I was only popping to the shop for a bottle of wine.

{…needs must etc. }


You have no idea how much the zip situation on the left photo is annoying me!  Up or down, Cer…one or the other, not both!


Right, so, the jacket.  I’m SO happy with it.  Can’t you tell from my face here?!  The wind was v e r y cold up at Cylch Cerrig that afternoon.  Thankfully, my jacket is not only waterproof, breathable and light, but also windproof, which I was very grateful for on this afternoon!

Here’s what Trespass say;

The Weldona women’s waterproof jacket is perfect for active outdoor excursions. It is waterproof to 10000mm and has taped seams which help stop moisture from getting into the jacket, allowing you to stay dry even in wet conditions.

The jacket is also breathable to 5000mvp and has underarm ventilation zips which help keep you fresh as you move by expelling any excess moisture, helping to keep you comfortable. This 3 layered shell jacket also has 3 heat sealed water repellent zip pockets and 2 lower zipped pockets which are great for keeping your phone, keys and maps secure and within easy access.

Plus the jacket also has adjustable tabs at the cuff and adjustable grown on hood for versatility and comfort. This jacket would make a superb addition to a variety of outdoor outfits along with walking boots and a knitted hat.

and here’s what i say;

I plan on going on plenty more active outdoor activities and am glad that I’ve got a decent jacket to deal with Wales and it’s every-season-in-one-day speciality.  I’ve not had a chance to properly test out just how waterproof it is…but, I live in Wales, it will happen any day soon.  I’ll report back on that one.

I’ve already mentioned the wind up at the top {as in the weather, Sue wasn’t too bad that day} and this jacket more than did it’s job for me up there.  I like all the pockets and the zips; the chest one for my phone, one for my camera and the arm one for keys and the like.

The waterproof ladies coat is a superb addition to my outdoor outfit…see photo above for one with knitted hat and walking boots.  Aren’t I the teacher’s pet?… ;)  But, seriously, a great jacket that I’m pleased I chose for the year I intend to do a lot more walking and outdoor activities with my family.  Diolch yn fawr iawn, Trespass!

“Take a photo of us doing a Cerys”…


…and then the one in the middle limped for about a week afterwards.

More info;

Women’s Waterproof Jackets HERE

Trespass Website HERE 

More info on the walk up and surrounding the Cylch Cerrig HERE

{serious face: Trespass kindly sent me this jacket for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and photos are my own…including that friend with a gammy knee ;) }

7 thoughts on “{Walking Wales} Kite Flying up Cylch Cerrig

  1. What an amazing backdrop to your kite flying! It looks stunning. I am reaching the point where I really need to invest in a proper grown up all weather coat. That one looks great, I may have to have a look :-)

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