4 Ways with Mason Jars


No 1:: Overnight Oats | Not only is this stupidly easy, but it’s changed my ‘no eating breakfast’ bad habit.  I’m not always one for breakfast, I like to wait a couple of hours before I eat.  Coffee in five minutes straight, but breakfast, dim diolch.  Which meant I’d be reaching for the biscuits with my coffee at work.  Not so much anymore {there’s always that 3pm coffee though…}.  This is a tasty and filling breakfast I can take to work with me, thanks to these mason jars, too.  Which, priced at 59p each is a bargain!!



Quick Recipe for you: Overnight Oats : 1 cup of oats, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of your favourite yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of milled linseed and a handful of fresh or frozen fruit.  Combine the oats and the milk, top it off with the yoghurt, sprinkle half of the milled linseed on top followed by your fruit and then finish it off with the rest of the milled linseed {it’s got to look pretty, hasn’t it?!}.

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Leave in the fridge overnight and voila!  Mix it all up when you’re ready and enjoy.

I’ve also made this by adding meridian hazelnut butter to it and some honey instead of the linseed and topping it off with banana and some crushed hazelnuts.  Soo good.

No:: 2 Smoothies

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One of my favourite smoothie recipes, which I’ve blogged about before, has always been a favourite of mine to whizz up.  I tend to add a good tablespoon of the hazelnut butter in this too.  I love the sturdy straws that come with these mason jars, no chance of losing them {have i just jinxed it?!} or chewing them to death.

3:: Cocktails:  Of course!

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It’s coming…I can feel it…it’s getting closer, isn’t it?!  Spring/Summer evenings filled with kids running around on the front while we kick back and enjoy a drink in the back garden.  See my jumper here?  It says ‘Hapus’, it translates to Happy.  Which I am when I’ve got a mojito in my hand.

4:: Gift it!  Give something different this Easter.

Easter Mason Jar Cookies

We’ve received mason jar cookies before today and I can remember the bois were very excited to get baking them!  A really nice gift to receive {that’s if you like baking, of course…I can just imagine what my sister would do… :0 } resulting in tasty cookies…that’s if your name’s not Lowri ;)

{serious face:  These Mason Jars were sent for the purpose of this review {thanks to Poundstretcher!…and at 59p, have I mentioned they’re a bargain?!…}, all words and photos are my own…now to start stocking up on those frozen mojitos!}

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