My Llan


Llandrillo Carnival : {I’m guessing} 1985

The Three Little Pigs; Me {looking straight on at the camera and behaving, as per usual…}, Dion {peeking through the side of his mask and rocking those shorts!}… and then Gethin {stranking.  All day Err day.  Still today, actually}.  Mam’s shoes have got to get a mention too. Check those babies out! And check out our pigs trotters too!  Bring back home made costumes, I say!

This photo was taken in the back garden of our first house in Llandrillo.  The house where Mam caught the skin of Geth’s neck in his jacket whilst doing it up.  I can still see it now.  He was sat on top of the washing machine when it happened.  Another memory that springs to mind is the blankets we had on the beds there.  Brown woolly type ones with a strip of brown material going across the top.  Nice.

We’d laugh at how there were bits of the woolly blanket in Dad’s moustache every morning.

…but this photo is now on the Internet, so who’s laughing now, eh Dad?! ;)

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