Life is…

…finding Robb’s first curl and a few of the other little trinkets we kept whilst clearing out his bedroom…all the feels when I found his Primary School “This is Your Life” type book during the haul…sitting amongst pots and pans in the living room…crying laughing whilst playing “don’t show keith your teeth” with Mam and Dad…walking up to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh with the knowledge that really, I shouldn’t be in Edinburgh let alone up there…maybe that’s what made it that little bit more special…a husband who puts his all into the home renovations…but still can’t quite make a decent coffee…{haa! I’d love to see his face when he reads that!}…but, seriously, he’s a star when it comes to diy…a dog that keeps escaping to the in-laws {what has Gwen got that I haven’t, eh, Roll?!}…too many donuts and not enough runs…all the grey’s but not enough funds to hide them…library books…a Sunday walk followed by a beer in the garden…a sure sign that Spring has arrived…and don’t mention the rugby, diolch ;)

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