{Walking Wales} The wreckage of a war plane near Llangynog

…or to be precise, the “Site of the crash of Grumman Avenger FN821 on 3rd February 1944 (CPAT, 2009)”.  It’s believed all three crew members were killed when it crashed during bad weather and carrying a torpedo.

When I visited the site with work the other month, I knew I would have to bring Paul and the bois back here to show them.  And that’s exactly what I did on Saturday.  Although when I was up there with work, we got to the crash site on a quad bike, which was a lot more fun than driving up there in Paul’s car…with Paul as a passenger and me driving…


“Emergency Door Release”



Robb had so many questions and was in awe of what he was sat amongst.

Robb also had one wet foot and leg after falling into a ditch while we made our way to the site.  Clumsy, should have been his middle name.



It didn’t take long for the “war games” to start with Alf.  I think he was flying his own plane here…  The seriousness in his face!

It was quite strange to be sat up there, knowing what had happened and the realization of what we were all looking at.

As we headed back down, we just had to stop to get a photo of this view…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

…we were obviously under a lot of cloud up at the crash site…which just added to its eeriness.

More info HERE and HERE on the crash site, if you are interested.

6 thoughts on “{Walking Wales} The wreckage of a war plane near Llangynog

  1. Amazing place and very atmospheric photos. It’s sad to think that this pile of debris is all that remains of those three lives. But what a place to go — all that scenery…

  2. Just back from revisiting this crash for a blog post and site evaluation for ongoing preservation last time was long before the clearance , only just found this collection of great pictures

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