Life is…

…and just like that, another weekend rolls around…

Life?!  Life is…painkillers…a love/hate relationship with my fringe…half a new kitchen…These Days by Bon Jovi on loud with all the windows open…The Book Thief…getting outside, THAT’S the best medicine, it also helps with boredom…a weekend away with the whole family, that lot de, just the tonic I needed…a dog waiting patiently for me to finish my tea so he can have his favourite leftovers…a dog who will be lost now I’m back in work and not walking him 3 times a day…having the whole of the Dinas Bran Castle to myself for half an hour one sunny gorgeous morning…Bois who bicker most of the day but when it comes to plotting at bedtime, they’re such a team!…far too much sugar crush that I want to admit to…paned a cacen with Auntie Di and all the giggles…opening the windows first thing in the morning to blue skies and birdsong…

Saving the best til last…probably my favourite moment from the week; Paul and Robb had just left for the day and Alf turned to me, winked and with open arms said “Just the two of us now, Mam”…

Moments like this I live for.

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