These Bois Bach

There’s been a lot of talk of chores and pocket money this weekend.  They think I was only born yesterday and have no idea that they’ve got their eye on something PS4 related…but it hasn’t stopped them trying their best, bless them.    It hasn’t stopped the “how much does this earn me?”…and “how much is that?”…not forgetting the “I folded a towel without you having to tell me, how much has that earned me?”…

During a conversation on emergencies…{don’t ask!}

Me: Do you know what age to tell them I am, if they ask?

Alf: {thinks long and hard}…34?

Me: Yes!

Alf: You’ll soon be 43, Mam.

Me: I know…I don’t need reminding.

Alf:…well I think you’ll need reminding about a lot of stuff at that age.

Running commentary during the kissing scene in The Durrels earlier tonight.

We were in Sainsbury’s earlier and Alf being Alf, lets rip.  I looked at him in shock {clearly for those who don’t know us as if this is a first…} and started to say something about farting in public only for him to respond with “Wait!  I haven’t finished yet…” and he continues to let out a corker just as we turned the corner and we were both laughing so hard, {I know, I know, I should have been the adult here…} we nearly walked into some woman who was busy choosing some new underwear and didn’t look at all impressed…
I need to write these somewhere to remember them.  Fart related or not…


{serious face: no, this post isn’t sponsored by Sainsbury’s, I’m sorry if you are 43 and are offended by Alf’s comments {you won’t remember them soon, anyway!} and no, he won’t get extra for that towel} 

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