{captured} Saturday Afternoon 


Like I said in my previous post, I was wanting to get something out of the weekend.  Knowing that Sunday was going to be spent watching Alf and his team mates at a football tournament, I wanted Saturday to be spent either in the woods or at the beach.

It turns out my car had other plans, so getting to the beach was out of the question…but the woods, not so much.  After finally getting the bois to switch the Star Wars DVD off {twice in less than 24 hours they watched it…obsessed!}, we got our bikes out of the shed and off we went.


A couple of miles in, we came across the markers for a run that was taking place locally the following day.  Seeing as I was meant to be taking part but had to back out a couple of days ago, I was curious as to where exactly the trail run was heading.  So, we abandoned our bikes and headed off up, up and up into the woods.


Alf decided he was going to see just how much “treasure” he could gather together and was absolutely made up with the egg shell.  Of course, it ended up coming home with us…I biked home with it placed delicately in my hood.



…soo many sticks with soo many light saber options can be found in these places…


Ever wanted to just dive straight into something?!  Me.  Here.


There was a short and sharp downpour while we were undercover in the forest, but the temperature seemed to have doubled as we biked home, so there was only one thing to finish off a lovely couple of hours…a pint at the Dudley.

Iechyd da, indeed.

6 thoughts on “{captured} Saturday Afternoon 

  1. Same here with the Star Wars obsession – it’s amazing how many things you can turn into a light saber, eh? Beautiful photos, as always. xx

    1. EVERYTHING seems to be one at the moment! And then Robb pipes up he fancies an original {or something of the sort} for his birthday this year…yeah right…!! Diolch lovely! X

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