{they said it would be easy} The Perfect Two Ingredient Cookie

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The Two Ingredient Cookie

If there’s one thing I’m good at on facebook {apart from boring you all}, it’s watching all of the cooking/baking/how to decorate a cake video’s that are on there.  I dread to think how much time I’ve spent looking at them…times when I should have been sleeping… ironing or something…or even looking after my children…! ;)

 Anyway, something that always catches my eye is “cookie” and “two ingredients”, as in The Two Ingredient Cookie;

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And it really is as easy as it sounds; two mashed up bananas mixed with one cup of rolled oats,  add a little bit of what you fancy and you’ve got yourself some tasty little bites.  I added a tablespoon of Meridian’s Coconut and Almond Butter along with some chocolate chips to mine and they were really good.  I’m thinking I might try the hazelnut butter in my next batch along with the chocolate chips.  Mmmmmm.

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There are a couple of other ideas in the link too.

With another footie tournament coming up this weekend, there’s a possibility ‘my little sweet box’ will be full of these cookies.

Next up on the facebook video’s are the Sponge Kisses.

I might share them.

Then again, I might not.

Have you ever tried making anything from these video’s?


PS – Nutella Brownies.

4 thoughts on “{they said it would be easy} The Perfect Two Ingredient Cookie

  1. I do sometimes get tempted by some of those videos, but always manage to forget about them before I have chance to make them! These look good though. As does you tin – I wish I’d stuck with My Little Box long enough to get that one!

    1. I have so many saved videos, it’s ridiculous!! Determined to give them all a go too. They make it look so easy. I love my tin amongst other stuff I’ve had from My Little Box. x

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